figurines in a barren landscape.


Ivan Marchuk, Silenced Strings.

 ‘apologists for domination.’

Some of the more conservative proponents of evolutionary psychology seem to wield evolution like a truncheon for the current state of things, the implicit assumption being that we must all show fealty to and obey yet another Great Authority. Men are naturally this way, women naturally that way, rape is hardwired into male brains, and we have the study to prove it etc. And not only must we obey this authority, we can’t even rebel against it, elide it, elude it, or fight against it because we are already under its dominion whether or not we even know it.

neoliberal love.

When someone rejects you for some particular reason, and your reaction is to suspect others of that same rejection, to anticipate it as if inevitable. This, I think, is at least partially attributable to the toxin of monogamous exclusivity, which wounds us by bloodily carving out a hole in our erotic and romantic being and then telling us that there is one special person out there who can fill that hole. When someone who appeared to fit the shape of that hole rejects you, everyone else who comes into your life in this way, and thereby comes to resemble the shape in their own turn, is assumed potentially guilty of the same “sin” by a kind of structural law or reflex. The old true love did this; therefore the new true love must do the same. In this way, we are not only initially wounded by the person doing the rejecting, we choose to wound ourselves further of our own will – and, in all likelihood, will wound others with our preemptive suspicions and the hard surfaces of our scar tissues. To re-employ a popular line: this exclusivity ultimately teaches us to privatize pleasure and socialize pain.

overthrow the self.

The monster of one’s own body as the great mass of people. Its hidden interior, its quiet operations and insurrectionist trade unions, its eventual betrayal and rebellion against the autocracy of its owner. The eventual transformation into a more diffuse form of life, the state of governance known as decomposition, wherein the power is distributed amongst the soot-handed bacilli, the humble beer-brewing atoms, and hack-driving molecules, and the monarchical structure dissolves into the anarchy of fertilization.

an airborne disease.

Ideology is a spore in your brain awaiting activation at the right moment, at which point you exhale it out into the air, unaware, so that it may find another host.